Ayato Hinohara
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Ayato Hinohara


Hinohara Ayato


檜原 文人





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Ayato Hinohara is the son of Tamaki Hinohara and Seiichi Hinohara, and the younger brother of Utsuro Hinohara. Ayato is a talented artist, painting frequently near Mirror Lake.

Appearance Edit

Ayato is a young man in his late teens. He has pale sandy hair, violet eyes, and of average height and built.

In all of his appearances, Ayato wears a high school uniform for males. The attire consists of a blue blazer with a white dress shirt underneath, cream colored pants, brown loafers, and a navy blue tie.

Personality Edit

Ayato is known to be a kind and polite young man. Like Rinzou, Tamaki, and Utsuro, Ayato also possesses a passion for art.

History Edit

Ayato Hinohara is a non-playable character, friend of the protaginist and younger brother of Utsuro Hinohara, the creator of the Mirror World. Ayato doesn't appear in the Mirror World himself, but rather in the memories of Mishiro and others.

Ayato is considered to be Mishiro's only friend during life. He takes interest in her when Ayato sees Mishiro by the Mirror Lake, where his sister Utsuro had died a few years prior. Mishiro bears a resemblance to Utsuro, which prompts Ayato to ask Mishiro to model for a painting he wants to do of his sister. Ayato shows concern for Mishiro's well being, and considers her a "close friend" of his.

Ayato dies from pushing Mishiro out of the way of an oncoming car, which causes Mishiro to immediately go and throw herself into Mirror Lake, feeling enormous responsibility for Ayato's demise.

Ayato appears in the game at the very end, where it is revealed that in order to fulfill her wish, Mishiro must kill Ayato inside the Mirror World. Depending on the players actions during the game, the player will have the choice to kill Ayato and disappear, or refuse to do so and live on.



  • The kanji of Ayato's name (文人) means "art person", which is a direct reference to his passion for painting.