The center of the mirror world is completely save. However, in order to recollect her past and have her wish granted, Mishiro Usui has to find and shatter 6 different mirrors. Unfortunately these mirrors are scattered throughout 6 deadly realms inhabited by evil spirits and deadly traps. In addition, all these realms excluding the "Realm of Greenery" are sealed. Mishiro has to obtain several keys to open the other realms.

The following realms can be found in the Mirror world:

Realms Opened By Additional mirror


Realm of Greenery No key Unknown person

Yuzu Hanasaki

"Let that meeting be a light of hope"
Realm of Beauty Bronze key Ryotaro Sengoku "For whom does the brush dance?"
Realm of Love Bronze Key Ryotaro Sengoku

Yuzu Hanasaki

"Now a warm, dead illusion"
Realm of Spirits Silver Key None "On the wind sounds tragedy's end and beggining."
Realm of Blood Gold Key Ryotaro Sengoku "Bathe in it if you wish, and go mad"
Realm of Death Gold Key Yuzu Hanasaki "No life can live before a distorted wheel"

Each realm contains a mirror allocated to Mishiro. In addition, each realm also contains mirrors of other characters.