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Rinzou Usui is the father of Shinji Usui and Tamaki Hinohara, the grandfather of Mishiro Usui, Ayato Hinohara, as well as the grandfather and true father of Utsuro Hinohara.

Background Edit

He once was a painter, known as the mad genius. He had a wife, and also had a relationship with a servant. With his wife, he had a child named Shinji. He preached the beauty of art to his wife and Shinji, but neither of them showed any interest in the arts. So Rinzou had a relationship with a servant showing true interest in art. With the servant, he had an illegitimate child named Tamaki. Rinzou kept Tamaki hidden away from his wife and Shinji, living a double life. But between Shinji who cared not at all for art and Tamaki who adored it like her mother (the servant), Rinzou's affection went toward Tamaki.

When Tamaki turned 12, Rinzou's wife learned of Tamaki's existence. He then offered his wife consolation as asked and divorced her. But when Tamaki turned 18, he had a liaison with her and impregnated her. Tamaki and her mother fled from him and even refused money. Tamaki seemingly birthed and raised the child of Rinzou, resulting in the existence of Utsuro Hinohara. But since Tamaki didn't make any further contact with him, Rinzou was unable to learn of any details.

Nearly 20 years passed since the incident, Rinzou died of natural causes. His oldest son, Shinji, was set to inherit his fortune. But he passed on a will to give it all to Tamaki as a final atonement.

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