Ryotaro Sengoku is one of the lost spirits that Mishiro comes across in the Mirror World. He is later revealed to be Mishiro's uncle from her mother's side.

Ryotaro Sengoku

Ryotaro Sengoku






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Background Edit

Ryotaro Sengoku is Mishiro's uncle and used to work for Mishiro's father. Just like Mishiro and Yuzu he has not recollection of his past life. He makes a rather anxious first impression, which only becomes worse after finding his first mirror. It seems he used to harbor odd feeling regarding Mishiro in his past life and may have been a latent pedophile. From the moment his sister Chika Usui sends him a picture of Mishiro he was charmed by her beauty. He clumsy tells his sister that Mishiro is prettier than her. This causes Chika to suspect Ryotaro to be a latent pedophile. Especially since he has not had a wife or girlfriend for a long time. His relationship with Chika is rather distant. He therefor does not get to see Mishiro. When Mishiro's father asks Ryotaro to console Mishiro, because she got rather depressed, he got very excited. However before he gets to go to Mishiro the buildin they are in got set ablaze. After he died together with Mishiro's father in the fire, his feelings for Mishiro caused him to haunt her. When Mishiro entered the Mirror world, so did his soul. Although his feelings for Mishiro were very disturbing it seems like he never had any evil intent.


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