Shinji Usui is the father of Mishiro Usui, the husband of Chika Usui, and the son of Rinzou Usui.

Shinji Usui

Shinji Usui





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Shinji was born as the first son of Rinzou Usui, becoming the first born child of Rinzou's with his unnamed wife. As said by Rinzou himself, despite being his son, Shinji did not much have interest in painting like his mother though Rinzou still deeply cared about him. Eventually by the time he had graduated from high school he attended college.

However, by the time he had returned from college, Shinji and his mother discovered that Rinzou had an affair with one of their family's helpers and had an illegitimate child in the form of Tamaki. Though Shinji didn't seemingly carry any sort of scorn to his father concerning this revelation, his mother had divorced from Rinzou after this and took him with her, leaving Rinzou but still keeping the Usui family name. The fate of her mother later would be left ambiguous, Shinji was still able to establish a business for himself and met and fell in love with a woman named Chika whom he later married and had a daughter with named Mishiro.

Sometime later during Mishiro's fifth birthday, Shinji was visited by his father discussing "family matters" which Mishiro had overheard. At the time of his business he also employed Chika's brother, Ryotaro Sengoku, into his company and became close friends with. After learning that his father had passed away and the will of the Usui family inheritance was left to Tamaki, who had refused to take it but also refused to give it to Shinji and his family, Shinji and Chika both fought hard to rightfully take the inheritance out of concern for their daughter. A while later after that, a fire breaks out in Shinji's company while he and Ryotaro discuss the inheritance and Mishiro, which results in his and Ryotaro's deaths, leaving Chika and Mishiro which later culminates to Chika wanting to fight harder to get the inheritance in Shinji's name and for Mishiro's sake.


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  • Like Chika, Shinji's appearance is never shown in the game though a sprite of him and Chika can be seen in one of the mirrors that brings Mishiro back to her fifth birthday.