Tamaki Hinohara
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Tamaki Hinohara is Ayato and Utsuro's mother, as well as Rinzou's illegitimate daughter.


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Tamaki is the illegitimate daughter of Rinzou Usui from one of his old helpers whom Rinzou became attracted to. Upon Tamaki's birth, Rinzou did his best to keep her existence a secret from his wife and son but ultimately upon his son's return from college, Tamaki's existence as Rinzou's illegitimate daughter was found out, causing a rift between Rinzou and his family, leading to both his wife and son to leave him but still keeping the Usui name.

Afterwards, Tamaki, like her mother, took an interest in art and started practicing on her own, something that her father would later notice and decide to teach her in, becoming her mentor. Initially both Tamaki and Rinzou had a loving father-daughter relationship and eventually Tamaki decided to pursue becoming a painter like her father. However, after Tamakai had turned 18 years old, her father had liaison with her which lead to her becoming pregnant with her father's baby, something that her mother found out. Both Tamaki and her mother then began to develop fear of Rinzou because of what he did and left him as well, leaving Rinzou all alone.

Knowing full well that the baby she carried had done no wrong or played a part in what happened to her, Tamaki sympathtized both herself and her baby and decided to give birth to her infant which turned out to be a baby girl she would name Utsuro Hinohara.

Two years later, Tamaki had a proper marriage with Seiichi Hinohara and safely having a son, Ayato Hinohara. With that, she began to get back on her feet. However, she never fully did. When Utsuro began doing art at school, her old wounds ached, giving her flashbacks of the fear she had of Rinzou Usui. She then struggled to give Utsuro affection, taking all she had not to take out negative emotions on her. Tamaki quickly crumbled under the weight. And one day, she killed her own daughter, Utsuro Hinohara.

Tamaki fell to pieces. She came to feel animosity towards all the Usuis. Unable to see any hope ahead, she fell upon the despair behind. Rinzou died of natural causes a few years later, and while Rinzou's will said Tamaki had the right to his inheritance, she refused to take it, and wouldn't let it go to the eldest son Shinji.

At last, Tamaki who had kept living despite having broken long ago, met her end when she learned the son she had with her husband, Ayato, was becoming friends with Shinji's daughter, Mishiro Usui. Tamaki tried to take out Mishiro. But when Tamaki drove madly down the road to kill Mishiro, she ran over Ayato by mistake. Tamaki realized that this was the end and she took her own life to escape the despair.